About KP National Implant Registries

Setting the Standard for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Surgical Implant Outcomes

    The Kaiser Permanente (KP) National Implant Registries’ mission is to improve the quality of surgical care provided to KP members program-wide, by using integrated data systems and advanced statistical analyses to evaluate and monitor patient outcomes, evaluate and monitor new and existing technologies, and identify and facilitate implementation of clinical best practices.

Cardiac Surgery
Endovascular Surgery


The Kaiser Permanente (KP)
National Implant Registries
track patient demographics,
surgical techniques, implants,
and outcomes for KP members
nationwide. The Implant Registries
are guided by an interregional
committee with representatives
from all regions including
Physicians, Quality, Research,
and the National Product

With the collaboration and support of surgeons and other key contributors, the National Implant Registries has reached many milestones including:

  • The Total Joint Replacement Registry is the first
    and largest interregional population-based implant
    registry in the United States with over 150,000
    registered Total Joint cases

  • The Total Joint Replacement and Cardiac
    Device Registries won the 2010 ECRI
    Health Device Achievement Award
    excellence in health technology
  • The Total Joint Replacement
    Registry is the recipient of:
    - 2010 AAOS Scientific Exhibit
    Award of Excellence

    - 2008 James A. Vohs Award
    for Quality